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                Elites conception
                Emolument & Welfare
                Position vacant
                    Location:elites recruiting > Elites conception

                  The company has a far-sighted, innovative and capable management team, has established an efficient management system, and have well-trained employees, allows the company to sustainable development.

                   The senior management of the real estate industry in China, an average of more than 10 years of experience with high strategic planning and business management capabilities. 

                  The company has a competitive salary and extensive career development platform to attract a group of elite professionals to join us. About 85 percent of the company's employees have a university degree or college education, in addition, key posts such as engineering, sales and financial management staff with the necessary qualifications and are subject to stringent internal or external recruitment process persons. We have different positions and different according to the needs of employees, provide employees with ongoing training opportunities to employees learning progress. Radius know that employees are the source for the development of particular attention to the personal development of employees, provide employees with a good environment for sustainable development, and vigorously promote lifelong learning system, to provide annually to the employees a lot of training and further education opportunities employees at work and constantly improve their overall quality. 

                  We always put quality of professional ethics required of employees first, and firmly believe that "person is the wealth" of this belief, form a unique "wealth "concept. Listen Read phoneticallyDictionary

               Address: 3/F,Building C1, Guangzhou Inforport, No. 16 Keyun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,P.R.China
              Contact:(020) 85526113 Fax:(020) 85526100 E-mail to
              Technical Support:quanchengsoft 
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