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              中文 | English
                Construction engineering
                Real estate development
                Building & Construction
                    Location:industrial section > Real estate development

                     It has undertaken numerous national and overseas construction projects. It is a company with extensive experience in project management especially the international engineering project management experience. During the process of international market exploration, we also undertake sequent Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Lot G4-2 Residential Construction Project(Jufengyuan 2nd phase), Guangzhou Luogang Meteorological Station, Guangzhou Conghua Hejing Garden, Changsha “Century Town” Project, Foshan Shanshui Waste Processing Center, Fire Fighting Center of Guangzhou Scientific Town, Comprehensive Project of Mingyueshan Hot Spring Sight-seeing Zone in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, Chengdu Wanjing Summit, Yu Summit, etc.

               Address: 3/F,Building C1, Guangzhou Inforport, No. 16 Keyun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,P.R.China
              Contact:(020) 85526113 Fax:(020) 85526100 E-mail to
              Technical Support:quanchengsoft 
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