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              Company Leaders Visit Projects under Construction in PNG for Appreciation and Instructions

               From August 28 to 30, 2019, Dr. Xiao Limin, chairman of Guangdong Jiangong Investment Co., Ltd and director of GDFC, and Liu Yizhong, general manager of GDFC, visited the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project and the Library & Clinical Lab for Enga Nursing College Project under the management of GDFC (PNG) LTD to extend their appreciation and give instructions, Lu Xiaoshe, deputy general manager of GDFC and general manager of GDFC (PNG) LTD, and Huang Rongsheng, deputy general manager of GDFC (PNG) LTD, were accompanied during the visit. 


              Leaders visited the New Enga Provincial Hospital 


              Leaders visited the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project site

              At the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project, gaining deep insight on the project implementation, Xiao and Liu carried out research on the project management, corporate culture and market orientation of PNG (South Pacific), and held an instruction meeting at site.

              On the meeting, acknowledging that the project team managed to organize construction effectively and refine project management under tough foreign conditions, Dr. Xiao extended appreciation for the effort made and the achievement gained by all project staff in the past one year and put forward with several demands:  

              1. Project implementation shall be well-planned with foresight that the purchase plan, fund plan and construction plan shall be well prepared. The successful experience of Mingyueshan Hospital in Jiangxi Province could be applied in the implementation of New Enga Hospital Project. While mitigating the impact imposed by exterior risks on implementation, the project shall further strengthen the inner control of construction time goals.

              2. Set up internal incentive system for the project team. Combine the internal control plan with the incentive plan by linking the site management and each target with the system and the project benefit.

              3. Strengthen management of project safety and quality, improve and ensure project quality and construction safety.

              4. Pay attention to claim. Claim is an important and integral part of the successful implementation of an international project. The project team shall carefully ferret for each claim item, focus on the procedure, evidence and time limit, and pay attention to both claim and counterclaim, so as to create higher benefit for the project.  

              5. Improve construction of culture, discipline, concept education and talent pool for the project. GDFC needs new generation to carry on, so the project team shall cultivate all kinds of talent with strict management to provide impetus for the sustainable development of the company. Moreover, a people-oriented concept shall be set up for the project to cross from system management to cultural management.   

              He stressed that the staff shall unite as one and follow the directions of deputy general manager Lu Xiaoshe. he also encourage the staff to devote to their work, improve occupational quality, cherish the opportunity to work together, face the challenge and complete the project perfectly with striving spirit, creating better economic, social and diplomatic benefit.

              Then, general manager Liu Yizhong said, with the joint effort of everyone, the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project has getting onto the right track. The company is fully confident on the successful implementation of project, however, involving in many aspects with numerous outside impacts, the task is still very tough. Therefore, we shall unite together to open up new prospects. He emphasized that the company is always the strong support and will fully cooperate with the project to build it a monumental work in the history of GDFC.

              Lastly, deputy general manager Lu Xiaoshe stressed on the specific nature of safety production in overseas construction and the importance of international project claim. He also briefed the direction of market exploration of GDFC (PNG) LTD in recent years and the major projects that are being following up.

              At the Library & Clinical Lab for Enga Nursing College project site, with insight on the implementation and cost control of the project, the leaders acknowledged the effort and achievement of the project team in the past year. They also said the successful implementation of this project will lay a solid foundation for our other projects in Enga area.


              After the investigation, on behalf of the company, Xiao Limin, Liu Yizhong and Lu Xisohe had dinner together with all project stuff. On the dinner, they extended sincere gratitude for the effort made by all staff for the project and encouraged them to work together and continue to make greater contribution to the companys further development in PNG. 


              Company leaders took group photo at the Library & Clinical Lab for Enga Nursing College project site


              the leaders gave toast to the front-line staff and extended their gratitude

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