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              Visit and Instruction on Our Company's Project of New Enga Provincial Hospital by Delegation of Senior Politicians led by Sir Bob Dadae GCL, GCMG, KStJ-- Governor General of Pupua New Guinea

                         On 21st Nov, 2019, accompanied by our project team members on site,  Sir Bob Dadae Gcl GCMG, KStj, Sir Peter Ipatas KBE, GCL, MP and other senior politicians made visits and instructions on the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project (under construction) and the projects of Laboratory & Library (completed) within Enga Nursing School.


              The Governor General listened in detail about the progress and situation on site, and expressed that New Enga Hospital is not only the first provincial-level hospital ever since the independence of PNG, but also a top-level referral as well as teaching and scientific researching hospital within high land areas of PNG. It is an important testimony to the excellent China-PNG relationship, bearing great significance both to China and PNG. Meanwhile, he extended his gratitude to GDFC for all the contribution and efforts being made for this project, encouraged all project staffs to overcome various difficulties, especially the negative influences caused by the high sea level and rainy weather, and to make concerted effort to build it to be a bench-marking one within PNG with creative design, in unique style, of complete sets of departments and facilities, and with reliable quality assurance, erecting a successful model for reconstruction and expansion projects of other provincial hospitals.


              The dominant media and press of PNG have made full coverage for this visit.


              Pic 1: Site Visit by  Governor General, Enga Provincial Govern and Senior Poticials of PNG



              Pic 2: Picture Taken for Governor General, Enga Provincial Governor and Project Key Working Staffs (5th from the left: Manager On-site: Feng Aizhu; 6th from the left: Governor General of PNG: Bob Dadae Gcl GCMG, KStj; 7th from the left: Peter Ipatas KBE, GCL, MP; 8th from the left: Zhang Kunlin, Vice General Manager and Project Executive Manager of GDFC (PNG) LTD


              Pic 3 Communications and Talks Between Governor General, Enga Provincial Governor and Project Administration Staffs


              Effect Drawing of New Enga Provincial Hospital

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