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              Ingenuity Builds Dreams—— Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd Was Laurelled the Luban Prize

               The Luban Prize is hailed as the Oskar Awards of construction industry in China. On Dec 10, the 2018~2019 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Prime-quality Project)  Commendation Conference was grandly held in Beijing by China Construction Industry Association. The Multipurpose Dam Development Project in Battambang Province of Cambodia,  undertaken by Consortium of Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. (GDFC) & Guangdong Yuantian Engineering Company, had successfully won the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (Overseas Project), delivered a exemplar for the "Belt and Road" international infrastructure construction. 


              (Left: Vice General Manager Han Dianfeng, Right: General Manager Liu Yizhong)



              (Certificate and trophy of the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize)



              For years, firmly practiced the concept of "Primacy of detail, quality and safety for creating excellence", GDFC has fostered awareness of  prime quality for all project technical staff, continuously innovated and improved management with "the Spirit of Craftsmanship", and carried out quality control throughout project construction process. We always insist on technology orientation and green engineering for achieving the quality goal of "Luban Prize" with works of excellent quality. Undertaken a larger number of overseas and domestic landmark projects, GDFC has won a profusion of honors. The Battambang Multipurpose Dam Development Project in Cambodia is one of them.


              The Battambang Multipurpose Dam Development Project,  approved by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, is one of the economic cooperation projects between China and Kingdom of Cambodia as well as a key project under the Concessional Loan and Preferential Buyer's Credit of the Exim Bank of China. As a major China-aid project in Cambodia, officials of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office had visited the project site and gave instructions for many times, providing strong support and great impetus for the progress of project.

              Located in the upper and middle reach of Sanker River in Battambang Province, the Project is a major engineering work of Cambodian infrastructure construction. With a total investment of USD 101.97 million, reservoir normal water level of 56.80m, normal storage capacity of 127 million m3, total capacity of 193 million m3, and total installed capacity of 13.1MW, it was classified as a Large (II) reservoir project according to the classification standard of water conservancy projects of China. 

              (Full view of the Battambang Dam)


              I. Building fine work for GDFC branding

               Setting up a clear quality objective for competing the "Luban Prize" from the very beginning, the Battambang Multipurpose Dam Development Project had established strict quality assurance system. In each construction process, the construction personnel strictly performed the system of "self-inspection, mutual inspection and handover inspection" to prevent any hidden danger in the work. Recording each process fully and accurately, the construction personnel had accumulated 935 volumes of technical documents which were systematic, standard and complete. The project archives had been checked and accepted by the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology of Cambodia. Stringent control brings fine quality: the project was divided into 5 unit projects, all of them were rated as excellent quality with a excellent rate of 100%; and the project was divided into 42 sub-projects, among them 38 were rated as excellent, and 4 were rated as qualified, with a excellent rate of 90.47%


              II. Innovation driven and build GDFC standard 


              "Take the bull by the horns and keep making progress" is the core spirit of GDFC as well as the professional quality of all its employees. Facing numerous engineering technical difficulties since the beginning of construction, the construction technicians had referred to plenty of overseas and domestic technology documents of similar dams for the practical tackling of key technical problems on the basis of local conditions. For this purpose, GDFC had set up a special technical team which applied 8 items and 12 sub-items of the "10 New Technology" in the construction industry, used technologies of satellite, manual and small machinery thin-layer compaction, concrete mixing with ice water, settled the difficulties of site election in minefield, linkage of different dam sections and dam temperature control, etc. While ensuring the project quality, by applying green construction technology and integrating the concept of harmony between human and nature in traditional Chinese culture with the construction, GDFC had also build the Project into a green model in the rigorous environment, economized land and materials effectively and achieved the goal of energy saving and landscaping. In addition, GDFC, with patriotic feelings, had build the Project into a benchmark work showing the integration of Chinese "Belt and Road" Initiative and the nation, economy, trade and culture of Cambodia. The appearance of the project, mingled with the special design style of Khmer architecture, has won high praises from local people and government.



                      (Downstream of the Battambang concrete gravity dam)




                        (Administrative building in Khmer civilian style)


              III. forge ahead and take on the social responsibility


              During the hard-working 52 months, with extraordinary performance, GDFC had won a series of remarkable honors: the Project had won the 2018 Engineering Construction Medal awarded by Government of Kingdom of Cambodia, the 2018 Prime-quality Project awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology of Cambodia, and the first prize of 2019 Survey and Design Award of Zhejiang Province, as well as the on-line compliment of Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen, and the high praise from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Cambodia. 


              The operation of the project has thoroughly fulfilled the irrigation water demand of the 47000 hectares of farmland in the downstream irrigation area. The downstream urban area of Battambang suffers no flood and damages through rational management of the reservoir. Before the operation of the project, the farmland in the irrigation area can only yield less than 1 crop per year, now it is capable of yielding 2-3 crops per year, considerably improve the production and living environment of the downstream area, moreover, driven by which the local tourism has developed rapidly, gaining great social and economical benefit.


              Through ten years of winds and rains, GDFC has always adhered to the core management concept of "Quality First", and wining the "Luban Prize" is the manifestation of the long-term mechanism of GDFC corporate quality management. With this opportunity, GDFC certainly will continue the craftsmanship of perfection to further enhance quality management, build high-quality works, and contribute more to the construction industry of China.



              Certificate of Work Performance issued by Kingdom of Cambodia



               Dec 16, 2019

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