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              PNG Prime Minister Marape Visits Enga Provincial Hospital Project

                         On Jan 10, 2020, the new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG), James Marape and his wife, together with Chinese Ambassador in PNG, Xue Bing, accompanied by several important PNG government members, e.g. Minister of Fisheries and Marine, Dr. Lino Tom,  Minister of Industry and Commerce, William Duma, and Enga Provincial Governor, Peter Ipatas, jointly visited the New Enga Provincial Hospital Project undertaking by our company and paid respect to the Chinese and PNG workers on site. 


              During the visit, acquainted the project progress in detail, Prime Minister Marape highly appreciated the high quality and fast speed of the construction, as well as the rigorous and careful work style of our construction technicians. emphasizing that the completion of Enga Provincial Hospital will become another symbol of friendship between PNG and China, he paid tribute to the great and long-term support from China and the contribution to the project by GDFC. He promised the required project counterpart fund will be in place in 2020 by all means and prompt the timely completion of the Project.


              Construction of New Enga Provincial Hospital Project, locating in Wabag, the capital of Enga province, covers an area of 34 hectares. The scope of work includes 4 parts: hospital, staff residence, external work and sewage treatment plant, of which 14 buildings for the hospital with a construction area of 20500m2, 25 buildings for the staff residence with a construction area of 10500m2. The project is funded by the concessional loan of Exim Bank of China and will be the largest hospital in Enga Province after completion.



              Fig 1: PNG Prime Minister and Chinese Ambassador Xue Bing visited the Project



              Fig 2: Chinese Ambassador in PNG Xue Bing and the project team management staff


              (Fifth on the left: Chinese Ambassador in PNG, Xue Bing; fifth on the right: GDFC Vice General Manager Lu Xiaoshe; fourth on the left: Vice General Manager of GDFC (PNG) LTD and executive project manager, Zhang Kunlin; fourth on the right: Vice General Manager of GDFC (PNG) LTD, Huang Rongsheng; third on the left: Project production manager, Feng Aizhu) 



              Effect Drawing of the Project


                                                                                                                                                                                               Jan 14, 2020

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