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              Offer Mutual Help and Protection, Stay True to Our Original Aspiration--- Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. (GDFC) assists Cambodia to Fight the COVID-19 Epidemic

               In April, 2020, the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Cambodia is entering a crucial stage. In the moment of crisis, Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. (GDFC) donated on its own initiative a batch of facial masks and disinfectant to the Dambae County Hospital of Tbong Khmum Province. In addition, in order to solve the maintenance difficulties of local ambulances, GDFC urgently purchased a batch of accessories by overcoming logistic restrictions with several detours and fixed the ambulances with fastest speed and best quality. In response, His Excellency, VENG SAKHON, People's Party Sectary of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia specially send a letter to extend sincere gratitude for the contribution GDFC had made to help fighting the epidemic.


              Over the years, dedicated to propel the development of water resource infrastructure in Cambodia, GDFC has built and operate numerous large and medium-sized water resource and hydropower engineering, making great contribution to the local employment as well as the economic and social development, which had been recognized and praised by the people and government of Cambodia. Under the tense situation in fighting the COVID-19 of the whole Cambodia, GDFC supports its anti-epidemic work with actual deeds and contributes our modest help for Cambodian people. GDFC will continue take on the corporate responsibility and provide more assistance in fighting the COVID-19 within our power in the days to come,.  




              The Thank-you Letter send by People's Party Sectary of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia

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