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              GDFC Co-hosts the International Talents Training Forum

               On Apr 13, 2019, the “Belt and Road” International Talents Training Forum, hosted by China International Contractors Association and co-hosted by Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. (GDFC), was held in Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou. Dozens of senior executives and experts from leading central enterprises and private enterprise representatives attended the forum. 


              The subjects of this forum are “Going out” of Chinese Enterprises, international talents training, and win-win cooperation. Mr. Yuan Li, Secretary of Party Committee and Board Chairman of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC); Mr. Sun Jianxiong, former vice president of Guangdong Xinguang Group Co., Ltd.; Mr. Liu Hong, Member of Party Committee and Vice General Manager of China Road & Bridge Corporation(CRBC); Mr. Liao Jianhang, Vice General Manager of CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd.; Dr. Xiao Limin, Director of Guangdong Jianggong Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd.; Mr. Liu Yizhong and Mr. He Sili, the General Manager and Vice General Manager of Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. shared their experiences on these subjects. Mr. Diao Chunhe, the former Chairman of China International Contractors Association and the Director of Expert Committee for the Belt and Road International Engineering Talents Development, hosted the interaction part.

              On the forum, Mr. Yuanli, Secretary of the Party Committee and Board Chairman of CCECC, with the subject of Selection of International Contracting Target Market, presented in detail the global contracting market division and the international project turnover distribution, and proposed 5 suggestions for target market selection: 1) choose Belt and Road countries in responding to the state strategy; 2) choose countries with resources as fund raising basis; 3) choose the emerging market countries; 4) choose countries where Chinese contractors are competitive and offset our disadvantages with others advantages by differentiation; 5) choose countries that are politically friendly with China.

              Then, Mr. Sun Jianxiong, the former Vice President of Guangdong Xinguang Group Co., Ltd., with the subject of International Investment Exploration and Practice of Chinese Enterprises under the Belt and Road Initiative, explained the difficulties Chinese enterprises are facing and their misunderstanding in international investment. He also proposed six factors for successful international investment: 1) the enterprises shall have strategic insight. They shall not seek quick success and instant benefits; 2) focus on the main business, and dedicate to a particular brand and market; 3) the key person of the enterprise shall go to the front line to investigate, identify, invest, build, sell and manage. They shall do the work in person and lay a solid foundation for development; 4) the key operation team must hold shares or there is a long-term incentive system for them. They shall take root in that area and develop together with the enterprise. 5) The enterprise shall perform social responsibility, establish security system and perform them strictly; 6) the enterprise shall set up and implement long-term training and using plan for local personnel step by step to achieve localization operation.

              Mr. Liu Hong, Member of Party Committee and Vice General Manager of CRBC, and Mr. Liu Riming, Board Director of Beijing Build To Last Management Consulting Co., Ltd., focused on talent training. Respectively with the subjects of Best Practice of International Talent Training” and Build to Last for Central Enterprises, they introduced the talent training measures of CRBC and Beijing Build to Last Co., Ltd. on the aspects of enhancing oversea talents layout for combining talent demands with introducing and training; expanding talent introduction and reinforcing talent training; strengthening localize management and boosting international cause.

              Lastly, Dr. Xiao Limin, Director of Guangdong Jiangong Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd, introduced our 4 investment projects in Jiangxi Province, namely the Medical Center, the Moon Spring Recuperation Residence, the Metropark International Hot Spring Resort and the Longping Organic Agriculture Base. General Manager Liu Yizhong and Vice General Manager He Sili of Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd. presented the development history, construction projects and the future prospect of GDFC, as well as proposed our vision to cooperate with central enterprises for mutual benefits and development.

              This forum, bringing many senior executives and key person together, explored the way of Going out for Chinese building industry and discussed the training measures of international talents. It wrapped up in warm exchanges. 

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