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                Notice of Guangdong Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department on Issuing Prefabricated Building Engineering Comprehensive Quota of Guangdong Province (Trial Implementation)

               The website link is: http://www.gdcic.net/HTMLFile/shownews_messageid=146932.html

              Implementation Suggestions of General Office of Guangdong People’s Government on Developing Pre-fab   2017-09-25
              Guangdong Sinosure Supports Participation of Guangdong Enterprises in Overseas Investment in Four K   2017-09-25
              Public Notice of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau on Unifying Verification Collection Rate of Indivi   2017-09-25
              Notice of State Administration of Taxation and Ministry of Finance on Replace Business Tax with Val   2017-09-25
              Public Notice about Relevant Taxation Management Issues of Promotion and Implementation of Commerci   2017-09-25
              Public Notice of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau on Trial Implementation of Issuing Electronic Tax   2017-09-25
              Public Notice on Relevant Questions of Issuing Value-Added Tax Invoice   2017-09-25
              Public Announcement on Expert Review Comment of Construction Engineering Enterprises Qualification   2017-09-25
              Notice of General Office of Safety Production Committee of State Council on Carrying out Major Safe   2017-09-25
              Notice of Safety Production Committee of State Council on Carrying out Nationwide Major Safety Prod   2017-09-25
              Notice of General Office of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Crack down Illegal a   2017-09-25
              China International Contractors Association on the issuance of "foreign contracted projects and lab   2011-07-22
              Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau of Public Security Ministry of Fo   2008-12-19
              Office of the General Office of Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Finance in the countries of foreig   2008-12-19
              Complete project management of foreign aid experts in matters relating to the registration filing n   2007-12-12
              Foreign aid to delay the complete project management expertise to enable post notice of the certifi   2007-12-12
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